We provide a 24 hour on call service 01856 876285

Member of S.A.I.F.

(Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors)

Being a member of S.A.I.F., we have a strict code of practice to adhere to. This guarantees our services are at a very high standard of professionalism.

We are also proud to say we are the most northerly Member of the National S.A.I.F. and Orkney’s only funeral director which can offer Golden Charter Pre-Paid Funeral Plans (The UK’s largest independent funeral plan provider).

All arrangements are carefully finalised personally by John, Calum & Ross, who are well known in the community for carrying out their duties in a very professional and dignified manner.

Just give us a call and your requirements can be arranged at the funeral home, in your own home, or a place convenient to you, whilst you can be assured they will always treated in the strictest of confidence